Thanks, everyone!

Feeling grateful today for everyone who has liked, commented on or decided to follow my blog. It actual fills me with wonder to think that there are people around the globe who read what I’ve written.

Since I’m pretty busy most of the time and more people seem to be reading my blog, I want to apologize in advance if I don’t get to your blog and acknowledge it after you’ve read min. So far I’ve been able to check out the blogs of every person who has shown an interest in mine, but I’m not sure I’ll be able to get to every one in the future. If that happens, it certainly won’t be for lack of interest. I’ve found some really wonderful things and have often wished I had all day just to sit and read them.

But as you know, if you’ve been reading me regularly, I’m finishing up my autobiography, as well as making a major life transition with my work in general. This takes up a lot of my time. So another request I’d like to make is not to be chosen for any awards. I did get picked for one, and was duly flattered, but after a good fifteen minutes of trying to figure out how to reply to it and everything else I was supposed to do after winning it, I finally gave up!

Anyway, to show my appreciation for all of you, here’s a little music from my band, Brass Tacks:



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2 responses to “Thanks, everyone!

  1. Max Frescoln

    Amy–Ruth’s townhouse was not on East 54th Street. She moved there in the late 70’s of early 80’s after she sold the house. The house was on East 63rd Street, off Park Avenue. I gather you are happy in Brazil. Best of luck.

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