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Finding ourselves by ourselves

I think most of us have had a desire to be part of a group—a bunch of people who make us feel accepted and loved. Maybe we’ve looked for it in our family, or a social club or religious organization. And maybe these groups really did fulfill our need, at least for awhile.

If you’re anything like me, though, sooner or later you discover that you have to leave the group, or that it leaves you—sometimes abruptly, even cruelly. It took me years to realize that this was not a bad thing. If you’ve got the spark inside you nudging you on to your true, spiritual life and self, there’s one thing for sure: the group won’t get you there. You have to go it alone, like it or not.

But this seemingly lonely trek has a happy conclusion that actually ends up including not only your groups, but everyone on the planet. Why is this? Because the truth about our spiritual life and self is divine Love, and this Love is infinitely bigger than any human emotion. It includes everyone and everything, despite often deceiving appearances.

Before you can see the universality of it, though, you have to approach it on your own, through contemplation, meditation, prayer—whatever you like to call it. It’s strictly between you—your individual consciousness—and the universal consciousness called divine Love or infinite Mind.

During this process, groups can’t really help you. In fact, they can actually hold you back, especially if you’re looking to them for validation, support and comfort. That’s not where those things come from. They come from the one Light, and that’s where you need to spend your time—living in that Light, or Love.

But, someone might say, the spiritual-minded help their brother man—they aren’t selfish. Certainly it’s true that there are countless people doing their best to help their fellows, and of course this is a good thing. But seeking the Light is not a selfish pursuit. Once you become aware of its embrace, love naturally pours out of you to others—nothing can stop it. It becomes an expression of grace, and not an exhausting human effort. Then groups, organizations, tribes, collectives, families, and so on, all naturally fall into their proper places.

Let’s not put the cart before the horse. Our oneness with Love comes first.



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