The way to Darcy’s house

In my previous post ( I mentioned that I had to walk two miles to get to Darcy’s house. This is quite a distance for a nine year old, but the walk never tired me, nor did I tire of it. I knew it was leading me to a place where I’d discover new things, take new chances, and feel braver than I usually did.

5536a1e46a96d3089b3836844fd40c88I’d leave the house, walk down our narrow little dirt road Taunton Hill Road, which was paved and wider. First I’d walk down the big hill where we sometimes sledded in winter, and then, with a great deal of trepidation, past the flock of geese that gathered in the road in front of Skipper’s house. They’d always chase and honk at me, trying to peck at my legs, and I was terrified of them. I’d run through that barrier as fast as I could! After that it was smooth sailing down the road past Ruth Ann’s house to the corner where Katy’s big house stood. I only visited Katy once, but I was so impressed that her family had a big freezer in the garage full of popsicles!

Turning right at Katy’s, I’d head past Sally’s house and then hang a left on the road that led to Taunton Lake. Darcy’s house was just a bit before the lake, and past the cemetery.

I like to think of my walk to Darcy’s as a kind of metaphor for the challenging events in life. Once you decide on a certain goal that you know is going to be fulfilling for you and make you stronger and better, you’ll go for it no matter what, even if it means having to get past some difficulties to get there (like honking geese)!



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2 responses to “The way to Darcy’s house

  1. Brian McMillen


    Good stuff. Walking to school too. My mom would drop me off at one end of Lupin Way and I would walk to the other end, less than a mile, to school. Along the way I’d go by the houses and notice things. See progress on somebody’s yard, noticing any changes, the familiar cars, dogs, and feel the chilly morning air. Time to think about school, or what happened with the family last night. Let my mind wander. I was 7 or 8 and still remember loving that walk. It was me-time. Love your posts.

    Thanks! – love, Brian Date: Thu, 23 Jul 2015 16:37:36 +0000 To:

  2. Hey Brian…I’m loving the way you’re resonating with these posts! Funny to think about how kids nowadays miss out on a lot of this stuff because it’s supposedly too dangerous to walk alone…I loved that freedom when I was a kid!
    Love to you, too!

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