I ran from the world . . .

I ran from the world today…

I do that sometimes

When the world seems to close in on me.

At those times I run into the relative silence

Of my own thoughts,

Disconnect from everything except

My computer screen,

Which stares out at me benignly,

Making no demands,

Allowing me to look within.

I close the door and open the window,

And I walk no farther than

To the kitchen and back again.

But you are never far from my thoughts,

In fact, my self-imposed silence

Brings you closer to me, my friend,

To a place inside my thoughts where I can rest

And savor warm memories of you

That are closer than my own breathing.

I ran from the world today,

But I found another world

The one that you and I inhabit together,

The one that defies space and time,

All sense or reason.

By Dan

By Dan



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8 responses to “I ran from the world . . .

  1. Thanks, Pam…this was written quite a few years ago, when I was more romantic. 🙂

  2. This is lovely, Amy! Thanks for posting it…old or new, it rings sweet and true.

  3. Just beautiful, Amy! So glad I stopped by today.

  4. Thanks, Laura…I’m really glad you liked it!

  5. This is lovely and I guess alot of us could relate to it at times.

    🙂 Lisa

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