The latest about my book

My autobiography now has 34 5-star reviews! Cover_Getting_Down_to_Brass_Tacks_Duncan

Here’s the link to my Amazon page.

The e-book is also available at iBookstore, Barnes and Noble, and various other online e-book stores.

If you’re planning on reading my book, have read it already, or are reading it now, I’d love it if you’d write a review for Amazon (the more the merrier!), and also if you’d click on “like” on the Amazon page. This helps to get the word out!

If you’re reading the e-book/Kindle, don’t forget to check the Appendix at the end of the book. There’s a link to photos there.

If you’re on Facebook, Google+ or Twitter, please share this blog post so others can find out about my book. I’ve been hearing from my readers that there’s a lot that resonates with them in my story, and I’m glad to hear that, because I never intended for my book to be just a “vanity memoir” to share with family and friends. If my story can encourage someone, then I would really love them to have access to it!

If you’re on Facebook, you can sign up for my author page by “liking” it here:

This is a place where you can make comments, ask questions, etc.

For a sneak peek at the paperback:


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