Thanks for reading and reviewing!

Hi friends,

I promise I’ll get back to my regular blog writing before long, but at the moment I’m all caught up in the book, reading the reviews, trying to find ways to get it out there, etc.

So grateful to everyone who is reading it and giving me feedback, and I’m especially thankful for the great reviews on Amazon! Keep ’em comin’!

A few people have asked me if there will be a paperback. It depends to some degree on how well the e-book does, but I would really like to get a paperback out before too long, yes.

A tip for those of you who are now reading the book or thinking of reading it: the photos that go along with the story are in the Appendix at the end of the book. Just click on the link and it will take you to Flickr, where the photos are in chronological order.

Once again, here’s the info about how to get the book:


Link for the Kindle apps:






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