Some first comments about my book…

Too soon for reviews, but a few friends made some nice comments about my book:

Facebook friend Rhonda Key Youngblood:

Off with a bang! That interview with Miles rocked! I’m having an amazing experience reading this book. I don’t want to ruin it for anybody, but the book starts off with a quote from Grace Jones! You know it’s good! I’m only 6 percent in, and it’s gripping!

Facebook friend Venia Hill:

The book is extremely authentic and rich. Your openness is to be admired. I am at the point where you are leaving for Brazil. I am an avid reader and have read over 5000 books so the fact that yours is keeping me interested should be a high compliment to you, Amy.


Facebook friend Laura Moliter:

I am in the middle of your book now and LOVING it! Amy. You are a wonderful narrator and an irresistible heroine! Your honesty is our blessing. I am setting up special times that I look forward to in order to read another section. Kind of hard to stop, even when duty or whatever else calls me away. It’s really a wonderful, wonderful book, Amy. I knew it would be, but it just draws you in. Wish I had time to finish it in one sitting, honestly!

Facebook friend Jess Lidsky:

Facebook friend Jess Lidskey:

I have to ration your book—it draws me in too well—I am afraid I will finish it too soon.

Chip Deffaa, author, jazz critic, playwright, songwriter and director:

“Big congrats to jazz musician/bandleader/writer Amy Duncan on the publication of her autobiography: Getting Down to Brass Tacks… Amy’s life has intersected with all sorts of people: Miles Davis, Marilyn Monroe, James Taylor, Dizzy Gillespie. And I’ve known she’s an excellent writer since the years when she was covering music regularly for The Christian Science Monitor. I also got to read one chapter of this book in advance, when she submitted it in a competition and was a winner. I wish her all the best with this book!”

From Facebook friend, Venia Hill:

“Amy I am truly fascinated with your remembrance of so many details of your childhood, my hat is off to you. Your writing is excellent in the sense that it flows, is very easy to follow and entertaining.”

And this from a Brazilian photographer friend who read the book for six straight hours, and finished it in eight!

“I finished!!! It’s really great…what a life full of comings and goings…I loved the book, the way you write…so much so that I took the afternoon off to read it. It made me feel as if I were right in front of you listening to you. I could imagine every scene, maybe because I was emotionally linked to some of them, but even so…”

This friend, Robert Serbinenko, appears in the book, and also took the photo for the cover. Here’s his website:



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2 responses to “Some first comments about my book…

  1. I’m doing the same thing!!! I haven’t gotten as far as AMAZON though!!! I have gotta go check out your book and follow your progress!!!! Yaaay for YOU!~

  2. Well, yaaay for you, too! let me know if you need any tips. I’m just about to do some paperbacks through CreateSpace, and I’m starting to get the hang of all this self-publishing stuff!

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