I love trains!

I’m almost always a forward-thinking kind of person. I love all things new, especially technology. But there’s one “old” thing I absolutely adore: trains.

I say “old,” because even though trains still exist, things just aren’t the way they used to be, at least in the US. And here in Brazil you can forget about trains. They’re awful, and most people try to avoid using them.

Here I am, riding the train!

I have wonderful memories of train rides from the time I was just a tot. I loved the rhythmic sound of trains moving along the tracks, the changing views outside the windows, the sleeper berths for long trips, and especially the dining cars with real waiters, white tablecloths, china and silverware.

And I love freight trains, too. I often think how great it would be if all the big trucks on the highways would just go away and we could get back exclusively to freight trains. So much nicer for drivers, and kids could get back to counting the freight cars, one of my favorite pastimes years ago.

I longed to have an electric train when I was a kid. We couldn’t afford one, but my sister and I did have a windup metal train with tracks, which was a pretty good substitute. And when I was really little I had a tiny wooden train with rubber wheels and cars joined together with little metal hooks. And of course one of my favorite books was “The Little Engine that Could.”

Do you wish that trains would have a comeback, too?



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8 responses to “I love trains!

  1. Stephen

    Do I wish trains would make a comeback? Actually, that is one of my mantras. I’m sure I bore people with my constant drumbeat about the sad state of train transportation in the US! I’m right with you.

  2. I LOVE trains! I wish they would have a comeback. At least on the East Coast there are still some trains operating that are moderately convenient. I live in Texas and if I want to go to New Orleans (due almost straight east), I have to go to Chicago first! Gee, thanks. I love the train! My grandfather worked for Amtrak and I think it’s in my blood. 🙂

  3. John

    I share your sentiments about trains (and lots of other things you’re writing about!)… I’m in New Jersey, and the area is saturated with railroad history. It’s fascinating to research their development and retrenchment, and to understand the reasons. They span so many subjects, too, like mechanics, physics, material sciences, logistics, and so on… Plus, some were just so amazing simply as visual art.
    I find it quite satisfying to have designed and built, and especially to operate, a miniature model of a freight transportation system (a/k/a “model railroad”), based on railroads in NJ around 1948. “Gotta make it…”
    It’s not right that many girls were diverted from trains – they’re really for everyone to enjoy! AND…it’s not too late!!!

    • Thanks, John! It’s great to meet another train enthusiast, and I’m totally impressed that you created a model like that…WOW!!

      • John

        Like a proud parent, I have pictures on my cellphone and computer! 🙂

        It’s fun to share with other enthusiasts – a group of about 12 gets together twice a month “to run trains”. I’d bet there are model railroaders in Brazil, but if you get to the East Coast, you’re welcome to visit here!

  4. Thanks, John! Are you on Facebook? Good place to share pix like that…let me know.

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