The Seed

Have you ever sensed

Something deep inside—

Even if it’s just a teensy seed—

That there is more to you

Than meets the eye?

Oh yes, much, much more,

More than you think,

More than you imagine,

Just waiting for the gentle rain

To make it sprout and grow.

No need to push and pull,

Wish and want, hope and strain;

That little seed is much grander,

And contains much more

Than dreams can or ever could.

Fear not! The powerful force

That makes the seed sprout

And then burst into flower—

Wild, colorful, fragrant, sweet—

Is bigger than heaven itself.



Filed under poetry

6 responses to “The Seed

  1. Nineteenfifteen

    a sincere and endearing composition, well done.

  2. Muriel Vasconcellos

    That’s very sweet, Amy!

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