My autobiography is done!

This week I madly finished up the final details on my book. Yesterday I actually screwed up my courage and sent it off to Book Baby to be published as an e-book. If all goes well, it should be in the popular online stores (Amazon, iTunes, B&N, etc.) before the end of this month.

Here’s the info:

“Getting Down to Brass Tacks – My adventures in the world of jazz, Rio, and beyond” by Amy H. Duncan.

I’ll be putting up my author page on Facebook shortly (Amy Duncan’s Autobiography), and you can check out all the information and details there, as well as ask questions and post silly pictures of cats.



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14 responses to “My autobiography is done!

  1. breakoutofthemold

    Congrats, Amy! Looking forward to a zesty read!!!

  2. Wonderful! Can’t wait to read it! Congratulations and blessings!

  3. Libby

    Very excited to read this!!

  4. Gordon Myers

    Is it possible to order printed versions of eBooks?

  5. Vicki

    Just wanted to add my official online congratulations, though you already know how I feel.

  6. Muriel Vasconcellos

    Congratulations, Amy! I’m very excited for you. Can’t wait to read it!!

  7. Kamran.

    Great! Kamran and Karin.

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