Getting what we want?

Have you ever noticed how good things often seem to come your way when you’re not really going after them? And how other good things often seem to elude you when you feel that you really need, or must have them?

Through years of trial and error, I’ve come to the conclusion that starting from a place of need is never helpful. That’s right, never. What is helpful to begin to think of ourselves as already including everything that’s good and legitimate for us right in our thought. This isn’t “the law of attraction,” though. The law of attraction implies that we can have whatever we want if we concentrate hard enough on it. And examples of people doing this have proved that it sometimes works. But then the question arises: was that thing (or situation, or person, etc.) REALLY what I wanted? Was it really what I needed? Did it really make me a better person or advance my life in some significant or spiritual way?

Believing that we essentially lack something (or someone) is a shaky platform. When you still that longing and open up your thought to higher possibilities, you may be surprised. Maybe the person, thing, or situation you thought you absolutely couldn’t live without is several notches below what you actually deserve.

We’ve got to get our minds out of the little ego-me rut and realize that our consciousness is much bigger than our narrow human will, than our sense of what we think we want or need. Just a bit of stillness, of quietness, can often open the door to this consciousness which is actually always ours, but which tends to get obscured by the desires, busy-ness, fears, needs, anxieties, etc., of our little ego-me mind.

Maybe visualizing and focusing on what you want has gotten you something that had lasting good for you. But by opening up your thought to a bigger consciousness, your whole being will be uplifted, and you’ll discover that even the things you thought you wanted aren’t the same ones you want now, and how you define “satisfaction” has taken on a new, more expansive meaning. This, to me, is the way to a truer sense of harmony and happiness.



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10 responses to “Getting what we want?

  1. I love this, Amy, and so agree. I am going to share it! 🙂

  2. Hey Laura, I’m really glad you liked it and that you’re sharing it, too! 🙂

  3. Libby Unwin

    This is so true–I’ve learned, in my life, not to make snap decisions but to ponder on them, pray about them and ultimately give the decision to God!! Thanks for putting this idea so eloquently.

  4. Thanks, Libby…I’m really glad you liked it!

  5. When I was young, I remember my mom saying …if you want a car and don’t have enough money and keep asking and wishing for a VW Beetle (because you think its cheaper and so you will be able to pay for) and you don’t get it, maybe that’s because God wants you to have a Mercedes Benz instead. Sometimes what we want it’s just not good for us.
    And after all, everything we need it’s going to meet us at some point in our life. Probably at the right time.

  6. True, Robert…sometimes we want something and it just isn’t the right time. “The right thing at the wrong time becomes the wrong thing.”

  7. We often realize things only after the fact.

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