in the gray hours of early morning,

My restlessness awakens me.

I reach out almost unaware

For some soothing hand

To still my unease.

My heart longs for peace,

A peace that grows from within,

Spreading its angel-wings

And calming my unrest.

I lie here, not moving,

Barely breathing, still.

And then it comes to me,

That soft, gentle touch

Of gentle tranquility

Washing over me,

Within and without,

Comforting, settling,

Reassuring, quieting.

I rise up in peace.



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10 responses to “Stillness

  1. Beautiful, Amy. Brought tears to my eyes. The good kind. Bless your day today and every day!

  2. Thanks, Laura! this just swept over me this morning and I had to write it! Bless you, too!

  3. breakoutofthemold

    Thank you, Amy. This is so powerful! Yearning for that soothing hand – that reassuring touch reminded me of this quote from MBE: (MIS 251:6) “…my hand may not touch yours to-day, but my heart will with tenderness untalkable.” Even though it is MBE who says this, (to me) it also points to the Divine hand always present for that comforting touch.

  4. Mary, that’s so sweet! I’d forgotten about that quote…thanks!

  5. beautiful words ! The pic speaks a lot too!

  6. Libby Unwin

    I work very hard to KEEP that stillness and peace….Thanks for this….very beautiful.

  7. This has beauty and peace all over it…a perfect read on this quiet rainy and chilly Sunday. Thanks for sharing

  8. Thanks, Boomie…so glad you liked it!

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