Why don’t people use their talents? … continued

Yesterday I posed the question: Why don’t people use their talents?

Apparently the answer is a complex one. There could be any number of reasons why someone doesn’t pursue something they’re good at. One commenter pointed out that it could be fear of failure, perhaps because they think they’re not good enough, or the opposite: fear of success.

But another commenter reminded me of something I’d overlooked: sometimes we’re really good at something, but it simply isn’t our heart’s desire, doesn’t resonate with us, so we don’t pursue it. I think that’s often the crux of the matter for certain people.

Some folks are good at lots of different things and are able to pursue a number of interests without feeling undecided or conflicted. Others, though, have a burning desire to do one particular thing but are constantly distracted by all the other things they’re good at — especially if those things are an easier source of income than their true desire. And even if they do end up pursuing their real dream, sometimes they let themselves be influenced by other people as to exactly how they should be living that dream — you’ve got a great singing voice? Then why are you wasting your time singing in a choir when you could get yourself out there as a pop vocalist? Um, hello? Because I love singing in a choir!

I’ve always had a knack for doing a variety of things. When I was a kid I was so super-organized and detail-oriented that I told my mother I wanted to be a secretary when I grew up. I was also good at sewing and cooking, and I wasn’t half bad at drawing pictures and painting. And as I got to be a little older I really loved to write poetry. But the one thing that really made my heart sing was playing the piano. Nevertheless, even though that was my dream and passion, I found myself pursuing some of my other talents over the years, often out of financial necessity.

So, it’s no easy matter to find your “thing” and then just focus on that. Also, that thing can undergo permutations with time. I think we just have to be listening closely all the time to our intuition, and follow that as best we can. What do you think?



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6 responses to “Why don’t people use their talents? … continued

  1. You said it so well here, Amy. Just right, I think. You are so very talented! 🙂

  2. Thanks so much, Laura, and for your comments yesterday that led to today’s blogpost!

  3. Rhonda

    I think it’s gonna be so hard to ignore that “tug” at our hearts after these couple of blogs. You’ve really stirred things up, got us thinking.

  4. Thanks for your perform. Write-up aided me quite a bit

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