Heading for the homestretch

I’m actually getting ready to send my book off to Book Baby, the e-book publisher of my choice.

Not without kicking and screaming, mind you. It’s much harder than I thought it would be to bring the thing to an end — an actual finish — and then place it in someone else’s hands to turn it into a book. There’s something so final about it.

I’m getting some photos together now to put in the book, and I’ll probably give it another quick read-through (although I’d rather give it ten read-throughs and wait until everything in my life is all settled and just right so I can write the perfect ending), before I take the plunge. I know I have to get real and cut the umbilical cord, already.

Today I spoke with a woman at Book Baby. I had quite a few questions about formatting, photos, cover design, and so on, and the folks at BB had said to call them any time — they’d be happy to help. The reason I chose Book Baby in the first place was because it’s an arm of CD Baby, where I sell my music, and I’d always had a really good, friendly, even cozy experience with them.

Things haven’t been all that easy with Book Baby so far. The woman on the phone wasn’t especially cozy, in fact she was downright unfriendly. I thought, that’s OK, she doesn’t have to be friendly. She’s just doing her job. But I also found the Book Baby site not all that clear — this is one of the reasons I had lots of questions. I’m trying to be a good sport here, but I have to confess I miss the old days at CD Baby when Derek Sivers (what a great guy) was at the helm. I had hoped some of his spirit would have rubbed off on Book Baby.

Anyway, onward and upward. I’ve got a book to finish.


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