Shameless self promotion day!

CD Baby is giving 100% of download revenue to its artists from today (July 30) to August 3rd! So if you’re thinking of buying my music, now’s the time to do it! ONLY CD Baby…not Amazon, iTunes, etc. These are mp3 downloads, not physical CDs.
Here are the links:
This is my first CD with my 10-piece band, Brass Tacks. I wrote and arranged all the music, and play piano and some Brazilian percussion in the band. This band is unusual, because it has not only a tuba, but two (count ’em) euphoniums, which, if you’re not familiar with them, look sort of like baby tubas.
This is a demo I recorded in 1983 with drummer Keith Bailey and bassist Marc Johnson, who played with pianist Bill Evans right at the end of his life. Some of the tunes are mine, and others are standards and jazz tunes.


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2 responses to “Shameless self promotion day!

  1. Promotion of the good stuff is good!

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