Update on the book

My editor is on vacation and will be back toward the end of this month. In the meantime, I’ve been reading through some parts of the book and adding a few things here and there. I think I’ve already taken out most of what I wanted to take out.

Yesterday I started reading from page one again, so I can decide what photos I want to put in the book. It’s really hard to decide, because they need to be good enough quality so they won’t just look like blotches, and they need to be there for a reason — in other words, they should have something fairly specific to do with the story. I’m glad I scanned every single photo I had of my family (and threw away the hard copies) before I came back home to Rio in 2008 after living in the USA for a year. I was forced to because I was traveling with just one suitcase and a carry-on and I needed to get rid of most of my belongings. That’s another whole story — talk about sizing down!

Anyway, after my editor does a final read-though, I’ll do one more, and then send it off to Book Baby. After they format it, I’ll have a chance to check it one more time, and then it’s on its way out to the world!



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4 responses to “Update on the book

  1. Muriel Vasconcellos

    I’m very excited for you, Amy! You’re almost ready to take the Big Step!

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