Is the universe actually music?

Among those of us who are convinced that the universe is governed by an unerring Principle (despite appearances to the physical senses), there are some who see this Principle as similar to mathematics, with everything is orderly and predictable, like numbers.

OK, fine, but to me the order of the universe is even more like music. Music and rhythm and sound. In this perfect universe, all actions, interactions, movement, relationships, expression and creation are orchestrated by the law of harmony. Just as some notes are high, others low, some fast and some slow, some loud and some soft, broken up by rests here and there, so there is also infinite variety in how life is expressed.

To our narrow human view, things sometimes — or often — don’t seem to be harmonious and orderly. And yet there is order. From a higher view, from the viewpoint of this Principle, everything is marching along just as it should, in balance and perfect concord.

If we step back and consider how this Principle actually operates, we can only conclude that the appearance of chaos or inharmony is just a point of view, as unreliable as the belief in a flat earth. A new perspective can not only take in what’s actually going on, but can also harmonize what we perceive and experience.

Things often look messy up close. I remember when I was in my high school drama club, we put on a play that required period costumes. Since we didn’t have any money, the students made the costumes out of scraps of cloth and whatever else they could find lying around. Up close, the costumes looked like a bunch of ugly rags. I asked the drama teacher, “Aren’t these going to look just awful”? And he said, “You’ll be surprised at how they look from a distance — don’t worry, every detail doesn’t have to look perfect up close.” He was right, on opening night the costumes looked absolutely regal from the audience’s viewpoint.

I really don’t know diddlysquat about quantum physics, but I do remember reading that particles behave differently depending on who is observing them. I think the same is true in the universe in general, staring with the old saw, “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.” How we see things is definitely subjective, nevertheless behind all of this human observation is a Law that is operating unfailingly, asserting and expressing itself in uncountable ways. I like to think that the more I align my own thinking and observing and acting with this law, the more in harmony with the “music of the spheres” my life will be.



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4 responses to “Is the universe actually music?

  1. Marguerite

    I agree, Amy. The universe is music! When you meditate, it is on a sound or with a sound. The sound of the universe. In John 1:1 he says “in the beginning was the Word and the word was GOD”, the word being sound. The big “bang” theory has sound at its core. All things vibrate at different rates (of sound). Sound created the universe as we know it, and depending on how you relate sound to music, the universe is music!

  2. igudger

    Love it! Thanks Amy. I love to think about how music in all its variations and spontaneity is the right sense of order. That’s what makes order beautiful.

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