Jittery cursor – a metaphor?

So I’m typing away on my MacBook Pro and suddenly the cursor starts jumping around the screen at random. Try as I might, I couldn’t control it with the trackpad. I have an external mouse for emergencies, so I plugged that in, and things seemed to calm down for a minute or two, but then the cursor started skipping around again. It even jumped around when I wasn’t touching the computer, which I found a little spooky. It would open up files all on its own, and when I was online it would open and close pages seemingly at will, as I looked on helplessly.

But it also had short times when it worked just fine. During one of those, I did some quick Googling and discovered that many, many computer users were having exactly the same problem, and not just on Macs — on PCs, too. Furthermore, none of these people, including technicians, had found a solution. One or two said they had the trackpad changed and that solved it, but that didn’t explain why I was having the same problem using a mouse. Obviously I didn’t even consider calling a techie to try to solve a problem that apparently had no solution.

I finally figured out that if I closed the lid to the laptop every time the cursor started getting the jitters and waited for a few seconds, when I opened it, it would work again, at least for a minute or two. Then sometimes it would work just fine for an hour or more. I was baffled.

This went on for days and days. Some days it was really bad, others not so bad. After a while I started to notice that it was matching my moods. When I felt edgy or restless, it jumped; when I was cool and collected, it behaved. What was up with that? I decided to troubleshoot the situation by trying my best to maintain my calm every day. Guess what? After a day or two, the jumping stopped. Now what am I supposed to make of that, if anything? Just a coincidence? OK, if you say so . . .



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8 responses to “Jittery cursor – a metaphor?

  1. Well, you know what I’m going to say! No coincidence from my point of view. Our inward affects our outward, and I’ve certainly found that when I’m agitated, the traffic is snarled, the phone keeps losing service, and the computer has “issues.” When I’m starting from a peaceful premise, then things go better technically, and even when they don’t, the solution seems simple and just another little exercise for the day. Peace is power!

  2. Muriel Vasconcellos

    Verrry interesting!


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  4. This should make the national news! It’s worthy of everybody’s contemplation. Wow! The answer to world peace! Ha!

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