What’s special?

There must be some of you out there who have secretly felt that you were special — maybe even more special than most people. You have proof of it because people are drawn to you more than they are to others. Maybe you’re even famous, and this further convinces you that you’re different and special.

When you discover this, you might feel quite comfortable with it, bask in it, and enjoy it. Or you might feel embarrassed, unworthy and try to hide it.

Does being special mean that you’re “better?”

Imagine a field. In the field there is grass, clover, and various types of weeds. Nothing really stands out. But over there, along the stone wall, there is an absolutely magnificent splash of colorful orchids. They definitely stand out. You could say they’re special — the most special thing in this field.

Let’s say a group of people are walking through the field. Do they stoop down to look at the grass and weeds? No, they immediately rush over to the amazingly beautiful orchids. Does this mean that the orchids are somehow better than the grass or weeds, or more essential and necessary?

Of course not. But the orchids definitely do attract more attention. And so it is with people. Some naturally attract attention and seem more special than others. But of course, it all depends on how you define “special.” Certain people seem to be  completely unknown or ignored, and yet they’re expressing themselves in ways that no one, or very few, ever see, and who knows? They might just be a magnificent force that is changing the world for the better, right along with the “special” ones.



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2 responses to “What’s special?

  1. I am so loving your posts from this week, it’s almost like you are writing them specifically for me :). Sharing on twitter and facebook. Thank you

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