Go ahead, step out

A comfort zone is not a good place to be.

If you don’t get out of it, you’ll get booted out.

That’s what happened to me.

It could happen to you.


What do you do when something safe

Starts to look and feel like a curse?

Especially when it’s your life?

Did that ever happen to you?


Can you see the signs or are you blind?

I couldn’t see the signs or even feel them.

Seems they had to hurt first

Kind of like a kick in the pants.







Then I got rattled enough to do something.

Get me out of this humdrum existence!

Put your damn toe

Outside the chalk circle!


It wasn’t nearly as bad as I’d expected.

In fact it was quite, well, interesting.

I started to see real me

Get to know real me.


So go ahead, get out of the comfort zone!

Everything’s OK out here, it really is.

You might even find out

The gem you really are.



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8 responses to “Go ahead, step out

  1. This is the story of my life…reading this made me cry…like I was looking at myself in the mirror…going to keep this with me for a while. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Honey, you are tellin’ it like it is! LOVE IT! We can all relate….at least I can. And who knows what the future holds. My comfort is just in knowing Divine Wisdom is there! Thank you.

  3. Rev. Matt Garigan

    It is the time of the gnashing of the teeth. What does that mean? We are moving from a carbon based dimension into a crystalline based dimension. And all of the pain and negativity is coming up within us to be loved and sent back to the “ocean of Bliss”. People are waking up all over the world to understand and let go of beliefs and feelings that hold ourselves and others in bondage to this dimension of duality. Mother/Father God are not two, but One. We have been seeing them in Duality separate from each other. When I find myself thinking a negative or false thought , or thinking diminishing things about another I ask for it to be consumed and fill the space with something I admire about them or simply ask the Ascended Host and Company of Heaven to pour light through me and into every particum of life. We are here to realize the shift that is taking place for everyone and everything. Even the planet itself. So things aren’t going wrong, they are cleansing, including the Earth. Things are happening FOR us, not TO us.
    “So go ahead, get out of the comfort zone!
    Everything’s OK out here, it really is.
    You might even find out
    The gem you really are.”

  4. Rhonda

    I will always love this blog. Universal truth!

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