Peace and Quiet

Total silence in my room.

Well, if you overlook the

Occasional siren or the

Constant hum of traffic

Passing by.


But there are no voices,

No loud music playing,

No hammers banging,

Knocking the next door

Walls down.


So very peaceful.

I have no desire to move.

I sit here on the sofa

And content myself

With the stillness.


It’s enough for me today

To know that the ocean

Is just a block away.

I don’t need to go there

And dip my toes in it.


It’s enough to know that

There are people shopping,

Eating in restaurants,

Going to the bank,

Doing what they do.


This is what I do today:

I sit here on the sofa,

Glad for the semi-silence

Glad for time alone

Just to sit here.

Meditation, Madame Monet Sitting on a Sofa – Claude Monet



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7 responses to “Peace and Quiet

  1. Love it, Amy! And I get it totally. Beautiful serenity.

  2. juliawade

    Thanks for the stillness moment, Amy! Beautiful

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