Jeanie Tomanek

Since my very recent move back into my artistic life long after so-called “retirement age,” I’ve been particularly inspired by other people who take up or return to their heart’s desire when they’re older. I featured one here not long ago, artist Christine Hartzell, who is quite new to the world of painting and has really found her “thing.”

These days I’m in love with another wonderful artist, Georgia-based Jeanie Tomanek who didn’t really get started on her art career until she’d been in the business world for years.

Jeanie Tomanek

“Throughout my adult life I have always painted—sometimes only one painting a year. Several years ago I escaped corporate life. Since then I have concentrated on developing my style and voice in my work,” says Jeanie.

Jeanie’s paintings evoke an ethereal, mysterious, mythical, magical, mood-provoking, dream-like, even sometimes slightly (but deliciously) eerie sensation. I find them endlessly fascinating and they lift me gently into another realm. Most of the figures she paints are tall, gossamer women with no hair, whom she refers to as her “little baldies” — the ones who tell us their stories.

“My figures often bear the scars and imperfections, that, to me, characterize the struggle to become,” says Jeanie, who underwent such a transformation with her painting that she even changed her name — from Shirley to Jeanie. “I have been painting full time for ten years. I still pinch myself when I realize I get to do what I love and make my living at it.”

What an inspiration Jeanie is to people like myself who have yearned to break away from unsatisfying work to pursue their heart’s desire — to have a second chance — and I know we are many! Truly the most inspiring work comes forth when we finally muster up the courage to turn away from work that has been holding us back. Here are some of Jeanie’s paintings. If you’d like to see more, go to:

Forget Me Not

Moonligiht’s Children

Put Away Childish Things


Below is the first of Jeanie’s paintings I ever saw. I immediately got the urge to write a Haiku about it (although I think I misinterpreted the meaning of the piece!):

Star Quilt

Hurry, sew faster

The sun is setting quickly

And the night requires our stars

Here is a wonderful video of Jeanie’s work that was recently added to YouTube:



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11 responses to “Jeanie Tomanek

  1. I am always jealous of people who are artistic in this sense…lovely paintings and I think the Haiku is quite befitting.

  2. I honestly get more revved up than jealous because I get so inspired. 🙂
    Glad you thought the Haiku worked…I think it might be the other way around…that they are taking the stars from the sky to make their quilt.

    • Hey Amy–just so you know–you got it exactly right with Star Quilt. Thank you so very much for your lovely post about my work. It is the best feeling in the world for me to finally be responding to my heart’s desire. I hope to see your artistic endeavors flower too. all the best, Jeanie

      • Oh, I’m glad I got it right about Star Quilt! 😀
        Thanks for your kind wishes…I’m a musician and writer, going forward with more free time now that I’ve left my “day gig.” Cheers, Amy

  3. I love all of these paintings! I was going to say I love Moonlight’s children best but then I couldn’t because each one evokes a unique depth of yearning… I also love your descriptions Amy of the ‘ones who tell us their stories’… Sounds like a novel! And the Haiku 🙂 so in ‘Star Quilt’ she’s looking over her shoulder out the window to gauge the light and how much time they have left to finish their quilt…. ? I so identify with the longing to follow one’s heart’s desire… I have so many and I love playing with so many things creatively and really hunger for more along these lines… Btw Amy, my heart is still doing the happy dance for you and your full-time creative immersion 😀

  4. I just emailed this to my husband… He’s a writer and often gets inspirations for stories from paintings… and I know he’ll love these!

  5. Hi Amy, I’m visiting over here via Jeanie’s f’book page where you posted your blog link….oooh, this is so nicely done! I only discovered Jeanie’s heartfelt work about a year ago, but am already a huge fan…so smitten. AMAZING about your (perfect) interpretation of the star quilt, how wonderful. I find myself particularly drawn to her paintings with dogs. Somehow, she has found the way to precisely interpret their relationships with the figures….if only I could own every single one ;>}}

    Thanks for writing such a terrific post about her!

    • Hi Christi, I’m so glad you enjoyed the post! I had the same reaction when I first saw Jeanie’s work. I’d like to own at least one or two! Maybe some day. . . I’d been thinking about blogging about her for quite some time, but I wanted to get her permission first, so I was so happy to find her on Facebook! Thanks again!

  6. I have been a huge fan of Jeanie Tomaneks work for years unfortunately my computer will no longer allow me to visit her webpage

    • Hi Trace, sorry you can’t access Jeanie’s page, but if you’re on Facebook, you can friend her and see lots of her artwork there. Also, when she does a new work, she puts it up on FB right away.

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