A new artist

I have a wonderful friend whom I’ve never met. Well, I guess that’s not so unusual in these days of social media, but this isn’t a Facebook friend. Her name is Christine Hartzell, and we met on a little Yahoo Group I have with a few friends who have a common interest in metaphysics.

Christine at work with her teacher observing

Over the eight or so years I’ve been friends with Christine, we’ve shared a lot of things about ourselves, and most of all I’ve known her as a serious, dedicated metaphysician who loves to sing and go on cruises, and who has a great sense of humor. What I didn’t know until last year, though (and I’m not sure Christine did, either) is that she is a talented painter. She had begun taking art classes, and right from the first she began producing work like the pieces you can see below.

To me she already has her own vision, and in fact she admitted that she’d gotten into a tussle or two with her art teacher about how she felt a certain piece should go, even though she’s a “beginner.” So I present to you the new and very promising artist, Christine Hartzell.

Woman at Prayer

Woman at the Well


Self Portrait

The Widow’s Mite




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  1. You are great ! Thanks !

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