Have I offended anyone?

As I move into the home stretch of writing my autobiography, I’m suddenly assailed by the thought: “What if I’ve really offended someone in my book?”

I sat with this thought for a while today and realized that to write my book as truthfully as I can, there are some things that simply must be said. A few months ago I went through the manuscript very carefully and took out some things that might have hurt someone that I felt really didn’t need to be in the book. And in a couple of cases I changed the person’s name.

But there are some personal and family things, that no matter how hard I’ve tried to be fair and even-handed and even kind and forgiving, may end up hurting or angering someone, simply because we all have our ways of seeing and interpreting things. My pure intention is never to hurt or anger anyone, but I also feel I have to tell things the way I see them, from my own experience and point of view. I think this is a risk many writers take when they are working on their memoirs or autobiographies.

So I’m forging ahead, trying to be as fair as I can, and offering this disclaimer: this was/is my reality, and I have to be true to myself. The only alternative is to let somebody else write it…NOT!



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6 responses to “Have I offended anyone?

  1. Libby Unwin

    As long as you don’t offend me!!!!! I’m kidding…one of the beauty’s of life is we all see the same thing in a different way. It’s what makes life interesting……Write it the way you saw or experienced it!

  2. Haha, Libby! I think you come out pretty unscathed… 😀

  3. Rhonda Key Youngblood

    I appreciate the compassionate approach and the courage that it takes to tell your truth. I equally enjoyed Libby’s comments.

  4. In life we would always offend people, whether we choose to or nit…it’s best to stay true to yourself and be as authentic as humanly possible. And as I type this, I am telling myself the same thing :). Can’t wait for the book to be out.

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