I heart Facebook, part 3

I just love, love, love the fact that you or one of your Facebook friends can just disappear in the middle of a back-and-forth thread and no one gets offended.

In fact, you can disappear for an hour or two and then come back and pick up the conversation where you left off, and nobody thinks it’s weird. Well, nobody among my FB friends, anyway.

You have the freedom to ignore what you want to ignore, engage with what you want to engage with, without anyone asking you to explain yourself. And even if they do, you’re not obliged to answer. Maybe you were offline, maybe you were having dinner, whatever! Hard to get away with this in the “real” world!

Do you get offended or worry when your friends disappear from Facebook for awhile or don’t respond to your posts?



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5 responses to “I heart Facebook, part 3

  1. Jess L.

    You know I do – I have just few enough friends on FB (120 or so) to notice if someone is missing, and it drives me nuts until I figure out who it is. Even then, if they usually write in other than English or if it is someone I hardly know, I just assume I missed them saying thst they were headed to Katmandu for a month or whatever.. If it is someone I have more meaningful communication with – then I am curious and sometimes worried, but computer/internet problems are so common that I don’t worry too much.

  2. Even though I have a lot of friends, I have to say there’s one guy that I’d been posting back and forth with regularly who suddenly just vanished about two weeks ago…now THAT I find strange!

  3. Thomas Moore

    We’re you saying something? ; O

  4. Rhonda Key Youngblood

    Gosh, it all depends. If you were not “here/there,” I would miss you like crazy.

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