You eat WHAT?

My stepfather George, after my mother died, developed interesting eating habits. He’d eat only sandwiches, and when we’d ask him what about vegetables George, he’d point to the two green olives next to his sandwich.

My father, when he lived alone, aside from consuming scary amounts of chocolate, lived mostly on bananas and peanut butter. He ate the peanut butter out of the jar with a spoon and drank Hershey’s syrup out of the can with a straw.

My mother-in-law, who lived to be 100 years old, had a steady diet of fried chicken and boxes of chocolates. She also chain smoked.

My Uncle Chuckie ate a lot of deviled ham (which we called “potted meat”) sandwiches. When I was a kid I used to eat them, too, not because I liked them, but because I had a crush on Uncle Chuckie.

My daughter Hilary, when she was really, really little, used to carefully separate her Lucky Charms and just eat the marshmallow bits.

I used to eat everything I could get my hands on that was growing in the yard or the woods…it’s amazing I didn’t poison myself!

When my sister and I were kids, our Ma would make us peanut butter sandwiches, sometimes with olives, or onions, or green pepper…forget the Marshmallow Fluff!

Do you have any strange eating habits, or know someone who does?  😀



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13 responses to “You eat WHAT?

  1. My dad used to eat peanut butter sandwiches with mayonnaise and lettuce. I always thought it was normal but never heard of anyone else that ate that. It’s pretty tasty, actually, although I haven’t had it in years. Anything with peanut butter pretty much works for me. Especially spoonsful out of the jar like your dad. I can o.d. on it, if I’m not careful.

  2. Libby Unwin

    Peanut and onion forever!! I agree with the Nutella—-double dog yum!!
    The crush on Uncle Chuck is a real revelation!! Talk about opposites!!

  3. geostrong

    I used to eat pb, lettuce & mayo, too, but pb & olives is a new one for me. Regularly I eat radish sandwiches, or red onion sandwiches, either one with mayo or olive oil and salt…I’m planning to add a little splash of vinegar or lemon juice someday soon. Of course grilled cheese is one of my all time favs, and now I like it with sliced serrano or jalapeño chilis.

  4. Thanks for such a light and lively write-up. Less stressful than all the “food rules” that pop up on our screen and change seemingly week after week. Feels like freedom! I’ll have to remember some of my favorites…with no guilt!

  5. awriterweavesatale

    love this. All goes to show that living to a ripe old age of a 100 just may be a blessing of good genes.And those lucky ones get to eat whatever the heck they want. I hope I’m one of those!

  6. Me too! Thanks for stopping by!

  7. LOL this is great. I am the most boring eater on the planet. I will eat most anything, but it’s your usual culinary stuff. 😦 Also, I will order the same dish for a lifetime when I go to a restaurant I like – cause I don’t like to risk trying something new and then not liking it. If I feel extra adventurous I will have a two or maybe three dish selection – but usually only at sandwich shops or fast food and only if I feel adventurous, or my regular choice isn’t available. So it’s more a backup plan than trying out new things. With sweets it’s only chocolate and more chocolate. So yeah, nothing weird – just boring. Your family on the other hand!!!! Good for them.

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