The gazer, part 2

After writing about Braco last week (see link below), I decided to check him out myself. Turns out he was doing a whole series of live stream gazing from San Francisco for $3 a pop, so I signed up. I might add that went into this with an open mind, not with a “well, let me see if this guy is a phony” attitude.

The first session was a little dicey, because the stream kept freezing and the audio kept cutting out. The sessions are 45 minutes long, but Braco only does his thing for 7 minutes. The rest of the session consists of a person talking (which I mostly missed for lack of audio) and some testimonies (pretty much missed those for the same reason).

Then Braco appeared. Nice close-up of him looking directly into the camera. Once again, because of the freezing stream, I couldn’t really get a satisfying sense of his gazing, although it was a relaxing experience.

Anyway, I thought I should check him out one more time because of the technical problems first time around, so I picked another stream close to the end of his USA tour.

This time it was much better. Angelika Whitecliff, who has written a book about Braco, 21 Days with Braco, did the introduction, and the stream worked just fine. After she chatted a bit about how to approach the gazing session (“stand up if you are able to stand, you must be at least 18, etc.”), a few people testified as to his healing powers, and then it was time for Braco to do his thing.

The camera moved in on Braco dressed in a red T-shirt standing in front of the Golden Gate Bridge. Watching him for 7 minutes without any frozen images made it easier to sense whatever it was that he was transmitting (although I think this is extremely subjective). What I felt was this: great compassion, sweetness, impersonal love, sometimes almost a sense of pity (I swear a couple of times that tears were about to fall from his eyes). After the gazing, we heard a recording of Braco’s voice, speaking in Croatian with no subtitles. Apparently some people are affected by his voice, but I didn’t have any reaction to it.

In the introduction, Angelika mentioned that this gift was not something exclusive to Braco, and that others have it, although they may not be aware of it. After watching him, it came to me very clearly that we ALL have it…if we can get ourselves out of the way enough to express it. I’ve seen this look in other people’s eyes besides Braco’s, people who are exceptionally loving and spiritual minded. It’s an unmistakable look, and you can’t help but feel good when you’re in the presence of it.

But what about all the healings that have supposedly taken place during or after a Braco gazing? It seems to me that a person with a great need and a strong desire to be healed, after being in contact with that loving gaze, could very well be healed through their own faith in the unconditional love he transmits.

Kind of reminds me of some of those people running after Jesus and getting healed, and he would say, “Thy faith hath made thee whole.” Not that I’m comparing Braco with Jesus, mind you. I do think, though…let’s just imagine this…that if everyone in the world looked at each other the way Braco looks at people, maybe there’d be a gradual shift in consciousness away from selfishness and other nasty traits toward more love and brotherhood.

I don’t suppose the “another sucker born every minute” crowd will ever see Braco as anything other than an opportunist, but that’s OK…I can’t say I’m a convert, but if Braco is helping people, I’m fine with that.

In case you missed the first post about Braco, here’s the link:

And here’s the link to Braco’s site:



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6 responses to “The gazer, part 2

  1. Jess L.

    I am a lot more comfortable with Cesar Milan, the Dog Whisperer.

  2. I don’t know who he is, but he sounds nice. 🙂

  3. Paula

    It thought your report was just excellent! Especially when you wrote,
    “It seems to me that a person with a great need and a strong desire to be healed, after being in contact with that loving gaze, could very well be healed through their own faith in the unconditional love he transmits.”
    He does acknowledge that this power has him and not visa versa and
    he often refers to it as the source.
    Also, in the presentation always the idea is left open that if one does not experience a better sense of being from a gaze or listening to his message, it may happen later down the line. Americans it seems as a group are harder nuts to crack than some of the European or even
    the Japanese groups. Here is my favorite Braco Utube,

    • Brazilians are generally much more open to this kind of thing…after all, we have John of God! 😀
      And he’s not the only one…there are oodles of people here offering all sorts of alternative healing methods and spiritual paths.
      I was trying to be objective (kind of like a researcher!), and I honestly have to say I really liked the guy… 🙂

  4. Paula

    Above I meant of course ….”I thought . . . etc Typos!

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