Fix it! Now!

Have you ever noticed how humans have a tendency to want a quick fix for just about everything? Sometimes it seems that nobody can wait for anything.

I used to be that way, too, but I’ve found out that no matter how much we push, whine, insist or scream for things to get fixed RIGHT NOW, that there are times when they stubbornly seem to refuse to get fixed, and we’re forced to take a closer look at what’s really going on.

For some years now, I’ve been discovering that when we’re forced to wait for something… whether it’s a change of careers, an improvement in health, a new place to live, better relationships, whatever…we can learn some valuable lessons about ourselves and about how things really work. We may even come to the conclusion that there might be something beyond our own will that is controlling everything, and if we’d just get ourselves out of the way for a minute, we might see that it actually does quite a fine job!



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2 responses to “Fix it! Now!

  1. This is so freaking true. I usually want stuff done not yesterday, but two weeks ago!!! But divine timing is so important and so perfect. I have learned like you when stuff takes a while it is usually catching us up on what we need to learn. I have so learned that God in his infinite wisdom and intelligence usually knows what he is doing LOL

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