The gazer

I had never heard of this guy until yesterday. I stumbled across him while reading some blogs. There he was: a Croatian man who supposedly heals people of all sorts of problems just by staring at them.

Well, the term that is used when describing what he does is actually “gazing.” His name is Braco (pronounced “Braht-zo”) and he spends his life traveling around the world and standing in front of groups of people, gazing at them. They gaze back, and have amazing experiences, according to them. I found a video of him in action on YouTube, and quite a few people in the audience were openly weeping. Others were smiling beatifically. When it was over, they claimed their lives had been transformed, just by Braco’s gaze.

Braco also does virtual gazing sessions where people can watch him from their home computers, so evidently his physical presence isn’t needed to feel the effects of his gaze.

I did a little research and of course found a bunch of sites that said he was a fraud. That he’d dreamed up the perfect get-rich scam — all he does is stand there, never saying a word, and he collects $8 from each sucker, so they said. My response to that was, whatever…I’m more interested in why he seems to have this effect on other people. Is it just mass mesmerism, or is it something else?

The first thing I did was look closely at his face. His eyes are kind and gentle, and there’s something totally non-threatening about him. When he stands in front of a group of people, he looks like a little kid, guileless and innocent. But what stood out to me most in his pictures and in the YouTube videos was the love he seemed to exude. This was my impression, at least. He just seemed so darned compassionate.

So I started thinking about the people who go to his sessions. Most of them seem to have problems of one kind or another, of course, and each one I saw interviewed had a slightly different take on what they actually felt in his presence, but there was one comment that was fairly consistent: they said they felt the presence of divine love.

That was when I realized that this is what these people are really looking for — a sense of love that doesn’t come and go, that will never abandon them, that will always comfort them. Maybe they’re just imagining that they see this love in Braco’s eyes and feel it in his presence. I don’t think that matters as much as the fact that this is what thousands and thousands of people are longing for in their lives. It outweighs all material goods, personal satisfaction, career ambition, relationships, and so on. It’s the one thing people still hunger for when they seem to have everything else. I think it’s a sign of the times that people are turning in this direction, and a very hopeful one. If Braco is helping to bring this out with his simple, embracing gaze, then I say good for him, and I hope it will lead to more searching on the part of his devotees to find what is really satisfying in life.



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4 responses to “The gazer

  1. Jess L.

    I think you are right about people and their yearnings, but I don’t see that comfort in his face -just doesn’t do it for me. I even see a little bit of a smirk – Bill Clintonesque – another charismatic guy,

    • Ha! That’s really funny! Well, maybe he IS a fraud, but the results are still the same and I think that’s what I was really getting at in this post. I have to say though, I still think he looks kinda sweet. 😀

  2. Libby

    Why not just seek GOD–who has more love than Him?

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