Mauro Tambeiro

I promised I’d introduce some of my favorite artists here, so here is my first choice: Mauro Tambeiro.

I ran into his work one evening when I was strolling through our outdoor “beach gallery” here in Copacabana one Sunday evening several years ago. This is a long strip of mosaic sidewalk that passes through the middle of the avenue that runs along the beach, where local artists display and sell their works every weekend.

Mauro’s paintings caught my eye right away. Everything about them shouted “JAZZ”…at least to me.

His pieces are quite large, and as you can see here, are mainly scenes of nightclubs and bars — the nightlife of Rio de Janeiro — depicted in strong colors and exuding a great deal of expressionistic energy and movement. He’s been referred to as the tropical Toulouse Lautrec, but his work is reaching far beyond Brazil. Just last year he had an impressive one-man exhibition in Greece, and his works have been on display in Russia.

I’m no art critic, but to me they have character. I was deeply impressed and knew I had to have one. It took me ages to pick one out, but I finally did, and Mauro himself, who was presiding over his art show on the beach, kindly carried it to my apartment a block away.

Below are a few samples of Mauro Tambeiro’s work.

This is the painting I bought, in my living room



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7 responses to “Mauro Tambeiro

  1. I love these! Such color and music to them… and i love all the different perspectives that make up each scene… Totally jazz. I like the one you chose to keep… The main figure in it is the only one in all of the paintings here, that is really reaching out of the painting directly into the room.

  2. ivpix

    Nice paintings. I like them.

  3. Chris Dumbleton

    I really love your pictures. I was given a painting by mr tambeiro. Email me if you would like me to email a copy to you. I love it. He has such an idiosyncratic style.



  4. Irina Lazareva

    Я не могла пройти мимо картин Мауро, и одна из них украшает сейчас мой дом!

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