Burning (literally) question for Sunday

If your house/apartment/cabin/hut/trailer/teepee/igloo (no, wait, not igloo) was burning down and you had time to grab just one thing (not a person or a pet), what would you grab?

Feel free to comment below!



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6 responses to “Burning (literally) question for Sunday

  1. Dean Wolfe

    My guitar

  2. Be glad you’re not a pianist! lol

  3. Muriel Vasconcellos

    My favorite painting.

  4. My favorite painting is too big!

  5. Muriel Vasconcellos

    Oops! I forgot about my computer. I guess that would have to be it. I purposely bought one with the brains and display in one case so that I could carry it easily in case of evacuation. We have many wildfires here. But I sure would miss that painting!

  6. I’m glad I have a laptop!

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