Decisions, decisions

I love technology, especially anything having to do with computers and related devices. I’m really, really happy to have a MacBook Pro (switched to Mac in 2007 after years of battling PCs with their “blue screen of death,” viruses and all their myriad other problems), but I haven’t yet gotten all the other fun stuff I’d like to have.

Here in Brazil all these things cost much more than they do in the USA, so I really have to think carefully about which device is best for me, which one(s) I really need, and so on. I want a Kindle, but it’s complicated to have one sent down here because of the high customs taxes. They say we’ll have our very own Kindle store here by July with reasonably priced Kindles…I’m inclined to believe that when I see it.

But meanwhile, friends have been telling me I should get an iPad instead, because I can read books on those, too. Well, maybe, but the size seems a bit awkward to me and I’m not sure that I really need any of its other features (although it would definitely be FUN to have one). Another friend suggested I get an iPhone instead of a Kindle, because I can read books on an iPhone, too. OK, I guess so, but isn’t the screen a little small? Not to mention the fact that iPhones cost a fortune down here, once you add up the cost of the device and the carrier.

So while I sort all of this out, at least I’ve found a temporary solution to reading e-books: Kindle’s free app for Mac. I downloaded it today. I know it’s not as convenient or nice as reading on an actual Kindle, but it’ll do until I can sort out all the complicated details of which devices are really going to work for me and which ones I can afford.

How about you? Do you have a Kindle or other e-reader? Do you like it? How about an iPhone? An iPad? Any thoughts about those?



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14 responses to “Decisions, decisions

  1. Dean Wolfe

    I have read several ebooks on my ipod touch. Very convenient with a busy family, can read whenever I have five or ten minutes.

  2. Pretty much the only ‘computer’ I use is my iPhone… Which, for now, is just fine for me…. Having something pocketable is a big plus, although, like you said, the screen is a tad tiny! I might wait for a device with a larger screen since an iPhone is uber-expensive down there anyway… 🙂

  3. Jess L.

    I have a first generation kindle which I hardly use anymore because if I am going to carry that, I may as well carry an iPad. At home I usually read on my iPad (first generation). Elsewhere, I read on my iPhone most of the time, unless I have brought a larger bag than my usual tiny shoulder bag.

    • I’m interested to know that you like reading on your iPad…I’ve had the feeling that it might be too big for me. Good to hear that you enjoy reading on your iPhone and don’t find the screen too small…more food for thought for me.

  4. Kindle (first gen) – Love it for reading books! I-phone – Love it for everything else! Hesitate on an I-pad because it isn’t compatible with my blog updater. So I have a notebook laptop for travel. Once that glitch is solved, I will go for an I-pad, too!

  5. Looks as though the ideal is to have ALL of these gadgets! Well, I certainly wouldn’t argue with that, since I’m sure they’re all useful, not to mention fun! This is great getting everyone’s ideas and opinions…it’s helping me think things through.

  6. Dennis R.

    I got a Kindle for Christmas. I love it!

  7. Libby

    If someone sent you one as a present would there be all the taxes!?

    • Unfortunately, yes. The only way around that is if someone came down here and brought one out of the packaging, as if it were theirs. But who knows, the store may open here, and then I can get a very reasonably priced one. They’re saying July…I’ll try to be optimistic!

  8. Bonnie Dotson Parmelee

    I have an iphone. This is my first Apple experience. I seem to be using it all the time. There are so many apps available. I have not used it for reading books though.

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