Burning question for Friday

Have you ever met a person and felt an instant affinity…you know, when something just “clicks?”

What about afterwards? After you’ve known the person for awhile, do you still feel the same way?

Do you think a feeling of instant affinity is a reliable gauge for whether a friendship will endure or not?




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8 responses to “Burning question for Friday

  1. Liby

    That has happened to me with not great results. I usually end up being “used” in some way. I do have a couple of friends that I acquired in that fashion who are still good friends though!

  2. Jess L.

    Does FB coiunt, Amy? If it does, I hope you feel as I do and that our friendship will grow, EVEN IF we actually meet some day.

  3. What an interesting question… It brings up the question of motive in relationship, and this maybe isn’t always apparent at first.. but isn’t our purpose in relationship to reflect that perfect love and completeness that’s needed? I’ll definitely be thinking about this one 🙂 I too hope we have a mutual spiritual affinity… Love reflected in love :))

  4. Love and “like” at first sight is real, I think But it never means that the relationship won’t take on a different form. I was thinking this morning, we can love up close or love from a distance. Just “love.” Let loving wisdom lead. When it’s time to shift, it’s time to shift.
    It also makes me think of the fact that we have unrealistic expectations from time to time, as if someone is “superhuman,” We even would like them to show up for us in ways that we don’t even show up for ourselves. “That’s not fair.” LOL!

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