…if things weren’t the way they seem at all

…if everything were actually wonderful and perfect

…if there really were some benevolent principle governing the universe

…if we were really meant to be happy and healthy and fulfilled — always

…if all people loved each other and knew they were brothers and sisters

…if we really weren’t dragging around a physical body, but were actually spiritual

…if life were actually a continual, never-ending unfoldment of wonderful events

…if we really lived forever, like twinkling lights in the heavens

…if all we had to do was open our eyes and hearts to realize all of this




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5 responses to “Imagine…

  1. I totally agree; imagination can lead to a lot a great things. Great post and I look forward to sharing more 🙂

  2. Libby Unwin

    This is lovely—-Thanks!

  3. awriterweavesatale

    If only.

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