Pure, Free, Bright…

Pure as crystalline water in a lake, silent and still

Pure as the gentle breeze that that wafts through my window

Pure as the deep sky at night, dotted with stars and the sliver of a moon

Pure as the raindrops falling on the grass in the quiet afternoon

Free as the flight of gulls over the curving shore

Free as the wind blowing through the tree-lined streets

Free as the steps of children running on the mosaic boardwalk

Free as the red balloon loosed from a boy’s small fist

Bright as the white sheets drying on my neighbor’s line

Bright as the sun when its rays find their way through my curtains

Bright as the billowy clouds dancing in the azure blue

Bright as the moonlight reflected in the ocean at night



Filed under poetry

8 responses to “Pure, Free, Bright…

  1. Libby Unwin


  2. Patricia Brugioni


  3. I love this, Amy – thank you.

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