On deadline!

Recently I took a month off from my regular translation work to finish up a music project. That project actually ended up taking more than a month, but it finally did get done.

Now I’m back to translating, and yesterday I got a HUGE job that will keep me very busy for the next four days. But I’m not too concerned about finishing it, because I’ve been given a deadline. Somehow, deadlines always manage to get me up off my proverbial butt and spur me on to do things that can seem almost impossible.

When I don’t have a deadline, I find it very hard to impose one on myself. This bothers me, because I’ll soon be working on several music projects that will require me to set my own time frame. And the worst thing is that I’m trying to transition away from translating all the time so I can get back into my music, which is really my heart’s desire.

What about you? Do you need to have someone else impose a deadline to get things done, or is it easy for you to set one yourself? Do you have a hard time with the deadlines that others set? Feel free to reply right here — I’m really curious to know!

P.S.  Also, I’m embarrassed to admit how many YEARS it took me to start writing my autobiography after a friend strongly suggested it to me.



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8 responses to “On deadline!

  1. Hi Amy,

    I used to only be able to write on deadline. And on tight ones at that! I became known as the last minute girl and was often called to pinch write when someone else couldn’t make their deadline. I could never seem to write unless someone else imposed the deadline. I guess i looked at it as a case to resolve. Then i started blogging. Which meant i needed to be a self motivator. I discovered tgat all those years that i thought i needed an external prod it was baloney. I had simply consented that i was a limited type. So i changed my expectations and discovered i can be quite self motivated when i want to be!

    • Well, this is great! You helped me remember that I’ve been writing this blog daily for over a month…hadn’t even thought of that! I’ve always been the “last minute girl,” too, but as you say…it’s baloney! Thanks. 🙂

  2. Laura Moliter

    Thanks, Amy (and Michelle for clearing that up about limiting myself!) I do find that I work better with a deadline, or a specific assignment. I don’t like things to pile up, so I do tend to want to “clean it up” right away, meaning I will not procrastinate and do the task so I don’t have to think about it later. I’ve had to impose my own deadlines, as you have with the blog, with my daily messages. It’s a discipline to do every morning and I like it! Yes, I could use that with other areas of my work and life. I think I need to recognize that the “deadline” I really need is the Lifeline that is God simply compelling me to open myself up to receive the Soul that is productive and satisfying! Then its an invitation not a burden!

  3. Thanks, Laura…I have to say I’m really enjoying the discipline of writing this blog every day. It’s funny, it feels like a “real” deadline, even though it’s self-imposed!

    • Laura Moliter

      I totally get that. I’ve been doing the e-inspires every morning for several years, and it feels like a necessity to do this writing timely, even though I don’t NEED to do it at a certain hour or by a certain time. It’s really comforting to have that assignment each day, I find.

  4. Libby Unwin

    I have a deadline at my job–I must have everything completed and in on the second Friday of each month. It really helps me and motivates me to complete my task. I am a world class procrastinator–so I’m always proud of myself when I’m on time!

  5. I can definitely relate to that, Libby!

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