Burning question for Tuesday

Which do you think is better, to have one great passion in life and devote yourself to it, or have a number of different things that you do reasonably well?

And, most importantly, why do you think one or the other is better?

The one with the best answer will win…well, nothing, but I’m really curious to find out what you all think!

So which is it, jack-of-all trades/Renaissance person or specialist/expert in one thing?



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20 responses to “Burning question for Tuesday

  1. I think I’m pretty fine with devoting most of my life to Alan Rickman *LOL* 🙂

  2. No problem…hope your boat floats on waves of love today!

  3. Venia

    To me i think that since we are all multi faceted beings we have various talents, passions and interests and are unlimited in our expression of them.

  4. breakoutofthemold

    Tough question! I’ve always admired people who have stayed focused on one their one passion and do that one thing perfectly. However, I feel my journey has been rich because of the diversity of my experiences. My problem is that there is so much I want to do, I don’t know where to start. There is so much to experience and enjoy – why limit it to one passion when there are many, many to enjoy. Doesn’t mean you can’t be good at several of them. Although, when it comes to ice cream, although there are many flavors to enjoy, there’s only one for me. : )

    • I’ve gone back and forth about this my whole life. I do have one primary passion, but I ended up doing many other things, not without a sense of frustration at times (I get into this more in my book).
      As for ice cream, for me it’s chocolate, hands down!

  5. Laura Moliter

    It seems it would be easier to have one passion, but I think as Life flows forth, it almost demands a variety of pursuits. I don’t think we can limit ourselves to one or expect many. I think we have to do our best to yield to what Life wants to reveal, and then love whatever is that moment’s desire. I think we find, too, that sometimes all our “passions” have one resounding theme, and simply a varied way of expressing that. Good question, Amy!

  6. Dennis R.

    Although I do have a passion, it is probably better that I had other things to fall back on as most people would probably not be interested.

  7. Laura, I love the idea of all our passions having one resounding theme…that’s really helpful!

  8. Reply to Dennis:
    Dennis, I personally love the accordion, and it’s very popular here in Brazil. I always wished I could learn to play it…I even went so far as to buy one once, but I just never seemed to have the time to learn it. Can’t do everything, I guess!

  9. Libby Unwin

    You hit the nail!! We don’t have time to do everything we want to. To return to the ice cream metaphor. There are many, many flavors–all delicious–and one ABSOLUTELY delicious one. It’s fun to taste each one but satisfying to always eat the ABSOLUTELY delicious one the most!

  10. Libby, that’s a REALLY good way of putting it! Thanks!

  11. Thomas Moore

    I’m not sure it’s purely a matter of choice. I think there are lots of factors that go into how each of us “decide” what we are going to do. Some folks know virtually from birth what they want to be – and I’m not talking about all of us being firemen! I think that when it comes to passions, they choose us. This is often true for artists. I don’t know too many of them who “decided” to be a musician or a painter. It was beyond a choice: it was an identity. And it can be an advantage, especially in fields that require unwavering devotion – like music. For others the decision comes later in life in the form of a calling – to serve, to nurse, to preach, to whatever. I believe it is more common for folks to not have one passion, but to have many things that interest them. Neither path is better. Each has its own advantages and disadvantages. The real trick is to find peace with who you are. Then, once you are in the groove, you are free to move – and if you are a master of one, then you can master other things, and if you are a master of none, you can choose to master what you want. Que sera sera.

  12. I’m interested in almost anything and slightly skilled at a few of them. I always thought that the jack-of-all-trades was my thing, but then 40 years ago, as Tommy put it, a passion chose me. I saw Christian Science nursing as so essential to my identity that it became my focus, and everything else took a back seat. Still, as I drive along my daily road I have a lot of back-seat drivers helping me along…

  13. That’s great that you calling found you, George, and that you’ve been able to carry it through…

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