A colorful life

Here’s a shorty for Saturday:

A friend said something to me yesterday about my having a “colorful life.”

What do you think a colorful life is? Do you think you have one?

Feel free to answer right here, if you want!



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6 responses to “A colorful life

  1. Rhonda

    Well, that gives me an ideal platform to really contemplate my life experiences. Thanks for that suggestion. And, yes, based on what I’ve read of your life, colorful is what comes to mind, lots of vibrant splashes!

  2. This is really funny, but someone said to me this morning, “Well, colorful doesn’t necessarily mean GOOD.” Hahahaha!

  3. I know my life has certainly been colour-full! That’s probably why we resonate – lol!

  4. Libby Unwin

    More life has been colorful with approximately 20 years in horse racing, 11 years at a casino and now 8 years in social services. I’ve had so much fun and “color” it sometimes amazes me!!

  5. Yes, Libby, I’m sure you have a story to tell!

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