Your heart’s desire…

Continuing with my thoughts from yesterday, I actually believe that everyone has a passion, a heart’s desire, whether they’re aware of it or not. If they can discover what it is, it will open doors to challenging and wonderful new adventures.

Here is the lyric to one of my favorite songs, “Heart’s Desire,” by Alan Broadbent and Dave Frishberg:

If you should decide to seek your special dream
Your heart’s desire
Nothing you can ever do
Will bring more joy to you

And if you’re wise you’ll recognize
Your guiding theme
Your heart’s desire
Follow that and you may make
Your dearest dream come true

But if you seek your heart’s desire
Your heart may break
That’s the risk your dreams require
The chance you take
The choice you make

And soon enough the seasons start to slip away
So seize the day and if the fates are kind
Then you may find your heart’s desire

Dream your dream and make it grow
You’re luckier than most you know
Lucky to be living for your heart
Your heart’s desire

So how about you? What’s your heart’s desire?


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