Our work is one of the most important things in our lives. We generally spend a lot of time at our jobs, and even though sometimes our work may seem humdrum, I’ve found that the attitude I bring to it helps a lot. And then, too, sometimes we find work that is a perfect fit for our talents and who we are. In past years, many people worked at the same job their whole lives, whereas now people tend to have more than one job in their lifetime.

Here are some of the jobs I’ve done over the years:



Piano teacher

Piano player




Hotel chamber maid

Short order cook at a truck stop

Cook for factory employees

Cook in a macrobiotic restaurant

Keypunch operator


Sewed leather items (hats, bags)

Sold crafts at outdoor fairs

Ran a hand-made teddy bear business

Artist’s model


Sales person in a boutique


Assistant to Brazilian percussion teacher

Yard worker on an estate

Security guard

Created sheet music for composers/musicians

Music critic for a major newspaper

Editor for same newspaper

Radio and TV reporter

English teacher


Composer and arranger


That’s all I can think of at the moment…

What about your work? Have you always had the same job?



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11 responses to “Work

  1. Paula

    Very impressive!! I would think you are a wonderful chef!
    A very interesting variety of activities, Amy!!

  2. Thanks, Paula! I don’t know how wonderful I was as a cook, but I enjoyed it for the most part (except the short-order stuff). :o)

  3. Libby Unwin

    Mine is shorter but just as varied–groom for racehorses the longest, bus greeter @ casino in Atlantic City,chamber maid, bus dispatcher, and social services for The Salvation Army!!

  4. Been there too. I noted around 20 something different jobs. You miss one I quite liked, despite all the hassle…taxi driver! Now you’ve reached your best position…novel writer.

  5. True, I never got to drive a taxi, although I did enough other driving to make up for it!

  6. Laura Moliter

    Shoe store stock clerk, real estate lawyer’s secretary, receptionist, waitress, radio newscaster/sidekick, technical writer, poetry writer and open mike host, art curator and gallery director, author, test scorer, Christian Science practitioner, singer/songwriter, to name some of the “highlights and lowlights”! Maybe some people can get away with doing things without BIG love, but I have tried and I can’t. It’s not even that I fail at it, it’s that I feel in all ways completely out of whack with life and myself. No more compromises for me! Thanks, Amy for all these wonderful installments of your story! Loving them!

  7. Wow, Laura, you’ve got quite a variety there, too! I confess that I did some things without BIG love, with the consequent feeling out of whack, but I’m at the point now where I won’t make any more compromises, either! Glad you’re enjoying the blog…that means a lot to me.

  8. Vicki

    Amy, you’ve had such a fascinating list of jobs. I used to be embarrassed that I did not go to college and have one main profession. But, like you, I’ve had a variety of experiences. Here’s what I can remember: sales clerk at department store; Personnel Clerk at Civil Aeronautics Board; Employment Secretary at The Mother Church; bank loan secretary; bank New Accounts Rep; secretary and stock cashier at brokerage firm; receptionist and film librarian at documentary film company; script typist and editor; assistant to VP of William Morris Talent Agency; assistant to president of celebrity sports management firm; entertainment law paralegal; administrative and legal aid to elected county supervisor; city planning commissioner; tons of temp secretarial jobs on both coasts.

  9. Christine Hartzell

    I don’t know of anyone who could surpass this impressive list…
    no, no one!!
    But your talents show!!

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