Writing Competition Short Lists

I just want to thank everyone who made positive comments about my non-fiction story on Pixelhose. My story, “Pop” has been short-listed, and winners will be chosen on Tuesday February 7, 2012. There are fourteen other stories competing with mine.

This story is based on an excerpt from my soon to be published book, “Getting Down to Brass Tacks.” I have two weeks to promote the story for a possible win, so I would love it if you could make comments on the Pixelhose site. I know it’s sort of a pain, because they make you sign up, but if you’re game, I’d appreciate it.

Here’s the link to “Pop”:


Sorry, the hyperlink didn’t work, so you’ll have to copy and paste the link…some WordPress glitch!



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2 responses to “Writing Competition Short Lists

  1. Muriel Vasconcellos

    Amy! That’s wonderful news!!! I loved the story. As you know, I already put in a word for it on Pixelhose.

  2. Hi Muriel…I fixed your name… 🙂
    And yes, I remember that you commented…thanks again!

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